When you have decided to sell your home, the services of a qualified real estate professional is of the utmost importance.

* Kelly & Kerry should have a good working knowledge of the local real estate market and market conditions.

* They should also be prepared to deliver a high standard of service and be able to explain what that service is, by providing you with a detailed outline of the sales process including what tools and resources they will be utilizing to ensure that your home will be exposed to every potential buyer in the market place today, thus resulting in the highest sale price possible.

* They should also have the support of their real estate company and other professionals including their manager and real estate broker, building inspectors, lawyers, etc.

* Most importantly, a good agent will save you time and make you money. You should always have a written explanation of the services you are getting for the monies you are paying.

When KELLY & KERRY are selling your home, they leave no stone unturned.

Here are the advantages of working with Kelly & Kerry:

* They know real estate values in your neighbourhood and will help set an agreeable and competitive price on your home.

* They will establish a marketing strategy for your home ensuring that your property is exposed to every potential buyer that could be in the marketplace today for your home.

* They take care of all the many tasks involved in selling a house (from placing your listing to putting up the for-sale sign). This ensures that the transaction is simple and low-stress for you.

* They are an expert in the home selling process and as such will advise you of your rights, options, and obligations.

* They are experienced negotiators and will work to get you the best price possible.

* At Royal LePage, we have offered the ultimate level of real estate services to our clients and customers since 1913, and continue to do so. Kelly & Kerry are extensively trained, our products and services are exceptional, and our company is committed to delivering the best results to our clients.